The Wanderer

€ 59,00

Handmade cape/top with double bead stripe pattern.

This cape-top is ready to accompany you on your adventures, and be your best friend on many an occasion!
It’s handmade and therefore perfectly unique.


The cape/top has a double bead stripe pattern in black and white.
This pattern runs vertically at the front, and horizontally at the back.

The fabric is a little coarse to the touch, but quite supple.
The front closes with a ribbon, and the cape/top has a decorative button at the center back line.


The front and back pieces are stitched together at the side seams, starting at the hem and 3 cm (1 1/8 in) upwards.


No lining fabric was added, the item is finished with overlock stitching.
The back hem is finished with the original selvage of the fabric.


  • Front length (from horizontal seam to front hem): 44 cm - 17 1/4 in
  • Front width (from center front line to side seam): 21,5 cm - 8 1/2 in (= per piece)
  • Back length (from horizontal seam to back hem): 44 cm - 17 1/4 in
  • Back width: 44 cm - 17 1/4 in