The Therapist

€ 49,00

Handmade plum-coloured leather belt.


This belt is made from several pieces of tack leather, with a thickness of 2 mm.
These leather pieces are joined to one another using burgundy heavy duty-thread, which has been waxed with beeswax.
As these stitches are visible both on the outside and on the inside, I would advise you to use this belt in a decorative way, e.g. over a dress, rather than use it with a pair of jeans. This will prevent any damage to the stitches, and make sure you can enjoy your belt for a long time.

It’s great for adding the finishing touch to a lagenlook-, fantasy- or steampunk outfit.

The silver-coloured buckle measures 60 x 56 mm.
The belt is 37 mm high and 102 cm long (without the buckle).


As leather is a natural material, it will over time develop its own patina with wear.