The Box

€ 6,95

Upcycled gift box to present your gifts in style!


Every box has a history; they were originally produced to be used only once, as packaging in a store. They would ordinarily be thrown away as soon as the consumers reached home, despite the fact that they are made from quite sturdy cardboard.


Now however, they are presented with a second life! Given a colourful makeover, they make perfect gift boxes! And by using these more sustainable boxes rather than wrapping paper, you not only help the environment but also aid your wallet; you’ll find yourself purchasing fewer and fewer rolls of wrapping paper.


The prints are either self-designed, or works of art from the Rijksmuseum.
On the inside of the lid a label is glued reading the name of the collection, The Talk of the Town.

13,5 x 13,5 x 6 cm

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